How Much is GOtv Decoder in Nigeria Currently?

GOtv is a leader in the world of digital TV, offering a wide range of channels that cater to every interest, from news and entertainment to sports and entertainment. The decoder is a key component to accessing GOtv services. It converts digital signals and displays them on your TV. Prospective subscribers often ask about the cost of a GOtv device. This blog post explores the cost, packages available, and other considerations for purchasing a GOtv Decoder.

GOTV decoder and remote
GOTV Decoder and Remote

Cost of a Gotv Decoder

The price of a GOtv Decoder varies depending on several factors. These include your region, package type, and any current promotions. GOtv setups, which include the decoder, an antenna, and a monthly subscription for a basic package, are usually priced between N15,000 and N20,000. It’s important to remember that the price of a GOtv decoder setup can vary depending on regional pricing and currency exchange rates.

Packages: What They Offer

GOtv offers a variety of subscription packages to meet different viewing needs and budgets. The cost of a new decoder includes a month’s subscription to GOtv Lite or GOtv Plus, which offers a progressively greater selection of channels.

  1. Gotv Lite: This package offers over 20 channels, including local programming, news, and religious content.
  2. GOtv Lite – The Value package is a step up from Lite and offers a wider range of entertainment, such as movies, children’s channels, sports highlights, etc.
  3. GOtv Plus GOtv Plus offers a variety of channels, including international sports, films, and lifestyle content.

Consider Additional Costs

Although the initial cost of a GOtv receiver includes hardware and a service month, subscribers must also consider the following costs:

  • Monthly Subscription Fees. After the first billing cycle, you must pay monthly subscription fees to continue using your package. The cost of the packages varies, and more comprehensive packages will cost more.
  • Installation fees: Additional charges may apply depending on where you live and if you need professional installation help. Ask about any current promotions that include free installation.
  • Accessories: While the standard decoder package comes with an antenna, purchasing other accessories, such as longer cables or a better-quality antenna, may be necessary depending on your installation requirements.

Where can I buy a GOtv decoder?

Decoders for GOtv are sold in a variety of retail outlets, including supermarkets, electronics stores and official distributor shops. GOtv also offers online shopping through its website, where you can find the latest promotions and offers. By purchasing from an authorized retailer, you can be sure that the products are genuine and that you qualify for warranties or customer service.

Tips for Buyers

  • GOtv offers a variety of promotions, including discounted decoders or extra viewing time. Watch their website or store notices to see what current offers are available.
  • Choose a package based on your budget and viewing needs. If you decide you need more channels, you can upgrade your package at a later date.
  • Check coverage before purchasing: Ensure GOtv is available in your area. Check coverage maps on the GOtv site or ask local dealers.


The price of a GOtv is only the beginning of access to various digital television programming. You can make an informed choice by comparing the different packages, subscription fees, installation, and accessory requirements. Stay informed about promotions and special offers for the best price on your GOtv receiver. Whether you are a sports fan, a movie buff, or someone who likes a wide variety of content, GOtv has a package to suit your needs. It’s a great investment for home entertainment.

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