How Much is Tecno Spark 5 Pro in Nigeria Currently?

The Tecno Spark 5 Pro is a major player in the Nigerian smartphone market. It combines affordability with notable features. The Tecno Spark 5 Pro is still a popular smartphone in Nigeria, and its price and features are expected to grow in 2024. This reflects the brand’s popularity with consumers who want reliable technology reasonably priced. This blog post aims to provide a detailed review of the Tecno Spark 5 Pro, including its features, price, and where to purchase it in Nigeria.

tecno spark 5 pro
Tecno Spark 5 Pro Black

Current Price of Tecno Spark 5 Pro in Nigeria

The price for the Tecno Spark 5 Pro is currently around NGN 76.960 to NGN 80.000 in Nigeria. This applies to the 4GB/128GB version. The Tecno Spark 5 Pro is a good option for those who want a smartphone with balanced performance and affordability. Prices may vary depending on the retailer, location, and current promotions or discounts.

Key Features

The Tecno Spark 5 Pro has a range of features designed to meet smartphone users’ demands today. This is a list of the features it has:

  • Display: A 6.6″ HD+ display with a vivid viewing experience, whether browsing the internet or watching videos.
  • Storage options: Available with configurations like 64GB/3GB RAM, 64GB/4GB RAM, or the larger 128GB/4GB RAM variant to meet different user requirements for performance and storage.
  • Camera: The Tecno Spark 5 Pro has a camera that captures moments in clarity and detail.
  • Battery life: This smartphone has a battery designed to support extended gaming, streaming, and browsing sessions without requiring frequent recharges.


Tecno Spark 5 Pro is available from authorized retailers in Nigeria. It’s also available online via e-commerce sites like Jumia or Konga. This is convenient for people who want to shop from home. The wide range of available sources ensures that potential buyers have access to the device.

Why consider the Tecno Spark 5 Pro

Tecno Spark 5 Pro offers a great option for those who value affordability over essential features. The Tecno Spark 5 Pro’s affordable price and robust specifications make it an attractive option for consumers of all types, including students and professionals. The Tecno Spark 5 Pro is a versatile device perfect for any situation, whether for work, entertainment, or everyday use.

Tecno is committed to offering smartphones that are affordable and high-quality. The Spark 5 Pro also benefits from Tecno’s focus on customer satisfaction and quality. The Spark 5 Pro is available in Nigeria online and in retail. This further highlights its appeal and accessibility to the Nigerian consumer.

Conclusively, the Tecno Spark 5 Pro is a budget smartphone that does not sacrifice functionality. The 4GB/128GB version is currently priced at approximately NGN 76960 in Nigeria. It’s a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient smartphone. Whether it’s the impressive display, plenty of storage options, or overall performance that you are interested in, the Tecno Spark 5 Pro should be considered by anyone in Nigeria looking for the best value in their smartphone purchase.

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